Itzy VIP Packages

Don’t miss the chance to grab your tickets and VIP packages for a concert in your area. These special deals give fans the opportunity to meet their K Pop stars in person. Immerse yourself in the performance and live music of Itzy and witness their captivating dances. Feel their infectious energy. Meet & Greet bundles often come with benefits, like access, exclusive merchandise, and a chance to take a photo with the group. Create lasting memories. Connect with fans at this unforgettable event. Secure your spot now. Join in on a concert experience, with Itzy.

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ITZY “Not Shy” (Official Video)

VIP Ticket Prices

  • ITZY Meet and Greet Experience

Price $3500

  • Premium VIP Package

Price $100

  • Gold VIP Package

Price $1500

  • Silver VIP Package

Price $1000